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The Process

In most cases, getting your orthotics is a two-appointment process. Both appointments are scheduled at a forty-five-minute length so that Scott can really get to know the person's needs and the care that their feet need.

​On your first evaluation appointment,  we will imprint your feet to create a cast duplicate of the impression. During this appointment, we will decide which type of orthosis will suit your feet and your lifestyle best. From there we can begin the process of giving your feet the support they need to keep up with your daily activities. The second appointment is your pick-up appointment. Scott will grind down the orthotics to fit your shoes, so be sure to bring whichever shoes you would like to wear the orthotics in. You will test out the handiwork that Peterson's Orthotic Lab has to offer, we will make some adjustments if needed, and you will be off to enjoy your new orthotics.   

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