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Q: Do you have medium, high, or flat arches?

A: CycleSoles™ removes unwanted flex by fully supporting your mid-arch.


Q: Do you have talonavicular misalignment, medial or lateral deviation of the knee?

A: CycleSoles™ fitting process helps enforce proper knee/pedal-stroke with laser alignment.


Q: Do you have chronic toe-cramping or "hot foot"?

A: CycleSoles™ eliminates toe-cramping (even on long, hot rides) by mitigating natural toe-flexing.  


Q: How are CycleSoles™ different from moldable carbon bike shoes, and running, and skiing insoles?

A: Our unique on-bike molding process creates a truly customized footbed.


Q: How do CycleSoles™ increase power transfer?

A: By addressing inherent ergonomic inefficiencies.      


Q: What is required for fitting?

A: You, your bike, shoes, and apparel.


Q: Where does fitting take place?

A: Schedule visit to our location.


Q: How long does fitting take?

A: Less than one hour.


Q: How long does it take to deliver CycleSoles™ after fitting?

A: Usually, same day.


Q: How much do CycleSoles™ weigh?  

A: Each insole weighs ~17 grams.


Q: How soon will I receive benefits from CycleSoles™?  

A:  Customers appreciate immediate results, starting day one.


Q: How much do CycleSoles™ cost?  

A: Pricing starts at $400 per pair, but there are volume discounts.


Q: How long do CycleSoles™ last?

A: For maximum benefits, we suggest 2-3 years.


Q: Do CycleSoles™ have a warranty?

A: There is a limited warranty, if without incident.

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