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Chicago Marathon done! My foot held up for the entire 26.2! I'm still working on getting rid of the plantar fasciitis completely, but it's much improved. The orthotics you made for me have been a big help. Thank you, Scott!
A man stands sillhouetted on a rocky mountain top looking out on a sea of clouds. He has a backpack on and is holding a pair of walking sticks.  "South Sister Summit 2019" is written at the bottom and in one corner the following message is written: "My feet thank you! All the best - Frank Nelson"
A sun worn photo shows a woman in Tie Dyed T Shirt, Shorts, and Sunglassses sitting up high on a ledge. Macchu Piccu can be seen in the background. She has removed her shoes and they are posed in front of her with a pair of orthotics sitting on top of them. At the top of the photo is written "Scott, thanks for the lab time, the FO's were a dream on the trail!" and at the bottom "Macchu Piccu 7-04".
A man dressed in old western style complete with a sombrero, sash, and spurs, stands with his hand poised to grab the pistol he has holstered at his hip. He wears a bandolier of what appears to be shotgun shells across his waist. Behind him is an old west style wooden set and a sign saying "Blades Sharpend". In the corner of the photo is written "Thanks Scott for the Insoles. You helped me win - Sidekick "Rick""
Two photos are mounted one atop the other on a piece of paper with writing above, between, and below. The top text reads "Over the mountain NOT over the hill!!!". Under that, the upper picture features three adults bundled up and smiling, they have backpacks and walking gear at their feet. The middle text reads "Mt. Columbia: Elev. 14,073'. We climbed over 5,000' up in 5+ miles! TY!! I couldn't have done that without your help! R.G." The lower photo shows a silhouette of a hill and a vast sea of clouds in a blue sky with the sun throwing rays from behind a cloud. At the very bottom of the page is written "Left to Right: Barb Slovisky (age 55), Janie Corinne (age 61) and Roxanne George (age 45). Photo taken 9/9/10."
A piece of paper with writing at the top and two pictures overlapping below. It reads "Scott Peterson - Just a note from the happy feet of Pat Kaufmann. Before you came along we were pinched, irritated and burning. Now, with your orthotics, we made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in fine style. We walked 25 miles in one day, and he hardly noticed me. It's lonely here at the bottom" The top photo under the text  shows four pairs of booted feet facing eachother. The picture below and slightly underneath shows two couples standing next to a sign that reads "Entering Grand Canyon National Park".
A tan woman with short gray hair holds her arms up victoriously and smiles wide. She wears a red running tank top and has a number pinned to her stomach but it is obscured by the gold medal around her neck. In the corner, a piece of paper has been attached and written on it is "Scott, thank you for the awesome orthotics!! Betty Schaefer"
A man poses with a smile on his face in front of distant peaks and a steep green field. On the upper corner is written "Thank you Scott for great Orthotic. Excellent (illegible) is Nepal. (illegible) 10-09-01"
A man in hiking gear and holding walking poles stands next to a wooden sign post in front of a gorgeous green forest. The sign post has small american and canadian flags attached to it and "Northern Terminus. Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. (illegible). is carved into it. The words "2,650 miles! Thank you Scott! Bob" are written at the bottom.
A woman jogs across the flag bridge at the old mill - she has the number 224 pinned to her blue shirt. On the photo is written "Thanks Scott- Happy Feet! -L"
A man in bright yellow and a woman in black stand atop a podium with medals around their necks, they hold pickleball paddles and small flags in their hands. They have won the National Picklebal Championship.
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