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Testimonials & Reviews

Want proof that Cyclesoles™ custom insoles work? Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say!

Chris Horner - Airgas

" I won the Tour of Spain while using your Cyclesoles, enough said!

Julie Cutts - Monster Media Racing

"Chris Horner was in the house! Such a nice guy, unless you compete against him on a bike! I just got done with a 90 mile ride and rolled into the shop at Cyclesoles. Scott was busy making Chris Horner his fifth set of CycleSoles to fit in his new shoes. It was an extra boost adrenalin seeing those two working together to make sure Chris gets the best cycling orthotics out there. Good luck with the rest of your season Chris!"

Ian Boswell – Team Sky

"Cyclesoles are feet down the best insoles I have ever used while cycling. For five years now I have used my cyclesoles in some of the worlds top level races, always with the most comfortable and supported foot in the group. Racing the Vuelta now. Still pushing sky to get you to a team ski camp."

Jacob Rathe – Garmin Sharp

“There is one major problem with Cyclesoles, once you start using them you will never to be able to use anything else! Three years ago when I first started using Cyclesoles I immediately felt the efficient power transfer and the increased pedaling fluidity that a perfect foot-shoe interface enables. Any other insole now feels like mush! I have always been very impressed with how dialed in Scott is when fitting the insoles and making cleat adjustments, not to mention how passionate he is about his job.”

Lisa Turnbull – Paralympic Road World Champion

“My Cyclesoles have been one of my most important pieces of gear over the past 4 years. I’ve used them in a huge variety of cycling events, from piloting a tandem for a win at the 2011 Paracycling World Championship Road race to racing the Leadville XC 100. I find that with Cyclesoles my feet are much more comfortable and have a very consistent and powerful interface with my bikes. Scott’s expertise has helped me to work around numerous foot issues with great success, even when I was starting to think fully custom shoes were my only option. It is amazing that insoles so thin and light can be crafted in a way to make such a difference in my cycling.”

Neil Ross – DDS

“With the Cyclesoles footbeds you made for my cycling shoes Monday I rode 100mi from Bend to Cultus Lake and back on Tuesday. This included two climbs up Mt Bachelor. For the first time ever I did not have toe numbness after riding over 30 miles. My feet definitely have “issues” and make it difficult for this 65 year old riding 4000 miles a year. This is especially significant with the amount of climbing I typically do on our local hills near Palo Alto. Thank you for taking the time to address my cycling issues. I highly recommend your fitting and inserts for anyone putting in significant miles on the bike.”

Jim Anderson – Head Soigneur, Chipotle-First

Solar Development Team

“Thank you for the fantastic custom footbeds for our riders and staff. We love them! We appreciate the support this season! Looking forward to a great season and top results.”

Our Thanks!

We at Cyclesoles, LLC would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the following people for their support, and for helping to make Cyclesoles a success!



Dr. Bollom, thanks so much for your countless hours of working with us on the design and theory behind Cyclesoles, as well as for the accessibility of The Center. This resource, with its research and tools, has been invaluable to us.



Thanks for all the years of support. It’s been a blast working with you and your group, and the TAI cycling team.



Thanks, Russell, for the ability to access the Portland market by using your studio as a home base to test and launch our new product. Your knowledge in the cycling industry is unrivaled. Thanks for all your support and belief in us and the product.

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